About Cakemaniac

 An event without a delicious and amazing appearing cake will feel incomplete irrespective of whether you are celebrating in a big or simple way.

Our commitment to excellence in the artistry of baking helps us in tantalizing our customers with numerous recipes in addition to the external look of our cakes. We pride ourselves in consistent quality which enables our customers to have a great taste of our well-baked cakes.

It is common that people now specially await the arrival of the cake especially when you have a unique and amazing idea; it adds more fun to the day. Our cakes are available in various shapes, designs, and flavours, we incorporate style into every cake we serve. The appearance, the sensation, and the taste of the cakes, desserts and pastries create a unique experience for each event. Simply tell us your preference, the quantity of each, the size and what message you want to pass across. We will do the rest.


Indeed a disappointment can be a blessing.

When Suliat had to leave the banking sector in 2011 as a new mum, everything seemed unclear to her, she went in search of more “family friendly” jobs but not wholeheartedly as she knew somewhere in her heart that was not what she wanted.

One hot afternoon, still in her confused state, an old friend of hers called to check up on her, gradually the gist shifted to her career options, her friend reminded her of her love for cakes and suggested she started her own cake making business rather than scout for jobs. Suliat laughed out loud and asked “where will I find the customers?

After a while, she decided to give it a trial and so she enrolled for cake making classes and started making cakes from inside a small room in her apartment. The business keeps growing steadily from zero start up capital and she was able to get more training abroad.

She further attended one of the best business schools in Lagos and so gradually, a joke became a dream and the dream is now a reality. Her constant cake cravings and baking for fun as a university student has eventually paid off.